Renterra's Partnership with Decisive farming

Decisive Farming now provides customers direct access to proven GIS and Remote Sensing services. Over the last 4 years Decisive Farming has provided their growers with a greater understanding and insight into hundreds of thousands of acres of farmland. Through our partnership with Decisive Farming you now have the opportunity to access that same insight on your farm. Their services provide increased transparency of field information so that renters can buy with greater confidence and knowledge of what they are getting while sellers can get accurate market value for their land. Decisive Farming gives you the ability to make better land decisions.

Who is Decisive Farming?

"Like many of our clients, we've been in the Ag business for four generations, and we continue to honor the traditions of western agriculture while finding innovative solutions for the future."
- Remi Schmaltz - CEO Decisive Farming

Decisive Farming works with growers to understand their unique business objectives and then helps them put in place the solutions that their farm requires to succeed. Through development and partnership with other best in class businesses such as INTL FCStone, Carbon Credit Solutions and now; Decisive Farming has been able to deliver consistent and reliable services in precision agronomics, crop marketing and farm management. Through these services Decisive Farming helps farmers increase profits & efficiencies; all while simplifying management and minimizing risk.

Find out more at You can contact us 1-800-941-4811 or connect with us on: